July 7

Understanding Today’s Feminist with Debby Williams, co-founder of Feminist Utopia 

Understanding Today’s Feminist with Debby Williams, co-founder of Feminist Utopia

“I learned the nature of power early.”

When people say “Feminist” nowadays it can get a vitriolic reaction. Feminism is an ever-changing force. Debby Williams, from Feminist Utopia, takes Brad Szollose on a tour of modern feminism, how losing gender roles is a good thing, and what’s it like to receive death threats for your beliefs. 

About Debby Williams:

Debby Williams is the host of Feminist Utopia with fellow Humanists of Houston board member Benita Malone. Feminist Utopia is a podcast that explores what a world would look like if there were no gender roles- where each individual is equally valued and respected in society. Serious topics like reproductive rights are discussed as well as more lighthearted subjects like a feminist analysis of the Netflix series Cheer. 

It is the goal of Feminist Utopia to breakdown complex theories like intersectionality to show how they apply to current issues and how individuals can work to make a change.

Debby’s activist journey started young with her grassroots organizer mother who took her canvassing their Chicago neighborhood for politicians and policies.  It was totally normal to stuff envelopes or have a living room full of women discussing how to build a better and more just world. After majoring in history and political science at Purdue University, Debby went to work in the wild west of the growing Internet arena. But the business world just wasn’t fulfilling at all.  She left the for-profit world and in Spring 2008 Debby began as a canvassing volunteer with the Obama campaign in Florida. 


Host: Brad Szollose


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About the ​Host

Brad Szollose

First things, first. How do you say Szollose? It’s pronounced zol-us.

Brad is an award-winning business author, serial entrepreneur, web pioneer, former C-Level executive, creative director and TEDXSpeaker.

From founding partner and CMO of K2  Design, Inc. the first Digital Agency to go public on NASDAQ to international leadership development expert, Brad Szollose has worked  with household names like MasterCard Worldwide, American Management Association and Tony Robbins, to create leadership training programs for a new  generation.

After the release of his international bestselling book, Liquid Leadership, Brad was asked to be a guest and a host on hundreds of podcasts. Every business podcast had the same storyline. This made him realize he wanted a different conversation...a deeper conversation. With executive producer Elizabeth Anne Hamilton, they launched Awakened Nation®.

This podcast is a chance to have an extraordinary conversation with today's ​idea makers, disruptors and the game-changers. You’ll hear from bestselling authors, professional athletes, activists, business professionals, rock stars, healers and others, who will share stories and the truths that will open your eyes.

After 35 years in NYC, Brad lives in the Southwest and the desert of Las Vegas.


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