June 23

Do You Want to be Perfect or Do You Want to be Happy with Karith Foster 

Do You Want to be Perfect or Do You Want to be Happy with Karith Foster

“I was always, always the only black person in any of my classes, and I knew there was more out there. I longed for it.”

Karith Foster is a multi-hyphenate star, and she has the stories from a life well-lived. In this fun and engaging conversation with longtime friend Brad Szollose, they touch on interracial marriage, relationships, race relations, the comedy industry and the kindness of the late, great Patrice O’Neal.

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About Karith Foster:

For nearly two decades Karith Foster has taken her passion for entertaining and critical thinking nationwide- from the airwaves to organizations; from universities to corporations creating a seismic shift in mindsets and revolutionizing the way we address issues of diversity, leadership and personal development.

“If you can laugh at it you can get through it,” is not only her motto but the invaluable lesson she seeks to instill in others. As a speaker, humorist, coach, TV & radio personality, author, entrepreneur, wife, and mother Karith’s sense of duty, service, along with her riotous sense of humor, have made her a positive force of change. The words “no” and “impossible” are not in her vocabulary as evidenced by her career path, life challenges, chosen adventures, and desire to help others.

Karith is the CEO and Founder of F.R.A.M.E. (Foster Russell Alliance for Meaningful Expression) and creator of multiple workshops including the diversity and inclusion program “Stereotyped 101” and “You Can Be Perfect or You Can Be Happy.” She is the author of Laugh Your Way to Happiness: 101 Ways to Have a Great Laugh and the soon-to-be-released children’s book Lealah Finds Love.



Host: Brad Szollose

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About the ​Host

Brad Szollose

First things, first. How do you say Szollose? It’s pronounced zol-us.

Brad is an award-winning business author, serial entrepreneur, web pioneer, former C-Level executive, creative director and TEDXSpeaker.

From founding partner and CMO of K2  Design, Inc. the first Digital Agency to go public on NASDAQ to international leadership development expert, Brad Szollose has worked  with household names like MasterCard Worldwide, American Management Association and Tony Robbins, to create leadership training programs for a new  generation.

After the release of his international bestselling book, Liquid Leadership, Brad was asked to be a guest and a host on hundreds of podcasts. Every business podcast had the same storyline. This made him realize he wanted a different conversation...a deeper conversation. With executive producer Elizabeth Anne Hamilton, they launched Awakened Nation®.

This podcast is a chance to have an extraordinary conversation with today's ​idea makers, disruptors and the game-changers. You’ll hear from bestselling authors, professional athletes, activists, business professionals, rock stars, healers and others, who will share stories and the truths that will open your eyes.

After 35 years in NYC, Brad lives in the Southwest and the desert of Las Vegas.


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